Thursday, 11 July 2013

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Reshma the hot mallu actress
                           Reshma is one among the most saleble hot girl in mallu industry. All her films were super hits. People will be waiting for her new movies like any other superstars movies. Reshma is one of the malayalam film actress.She is one of the competitors of shakeela to be the most famous star of malayalam.She has got many competitors like maria sindhu, navya kavya and shakeela.Reshma is next to shakeela in malayalam industry right now. Shakeela reshma pair against any actor will be a sure hit.Reshma is facing very tough competetion from Shakeela, Maria, Sindhu, Prathiba, Sheela, Navya and others. Shakeela, Reshma, Sindhu and Jyothishree acted together in the hot mallu movies “Chilkamma” which needless to say was a superhit. Even one among them was enough to make a film hit and just imgine it if all of them join together…!!!Reshma shakeela sindhu and jyoti shri has acted in chilakamma, a movie with hot actresses together.A masala movie which gave reshma more credits than all

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Indian women having beautiful lenghthy hair| long beautiful sexy hair

Indian women having beautiful lenghthy hair
             An Indian women having very beautiful hair. Lengthy hair is considered as traditional beauty in india. In this photo the women having very thick beautiful hair.